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  • Icon Lifesaver Liberty Water Filter Bottle

    As the saying goes, you can last three minutes without air, three days without water and three weeks without food. Unless of course you're a breatharian in which case GET A LIFE! Seriously though, those are very rough guides depending on a lot of other factors, but let's just stipulate that we need a lot […]

  • Icon Irix II headlamp

    Icon, purveyor of sexy-design yet reasonably priced lighting, has a tricksy new headlamp out. The weatherproof Irix II weighs just 3.1oz with its single included AA battery installed, and can run as long as 100 hours on low power. The Irix II has a knob instead of a button to control the light. Twist the knob and […]

  • Icon Rogue 2 flashlight

    Every once in a while someone does something a little bit different and pulls it off. Icon has succeeded in pushing flashlight form, if not function, in a new direction that actually works. And it provides capable defense against large ungulates to boot. Icon makes two lights, the Rogue and the Modus, the former an […]