Category: Ice axes and tools

  • CAMP Corsa Nanotech ice axe

    When light is right, CAMP has proven they are the go-to guys. The bigger players in backcountry hardware have followed their lead in the past few years, releasing ultralight crampons, axes and more, but CAMP is still a great benchmark. We've been using their Corsa Nanotech axe for years now. They took their Corsa ice […]

  • Petzl Aztarex ice tools

    The Petzl Aztarex is like politics: it's all about compromise. Petzl's designers chose their tradeoffs wisely in this case, producing an inexpensive, lightweight tool that can perform everywhere from alpine snow to vertical ice. At only 17oz a pair of these will save you a full pound over a pair of Cobras. For alpine use, […]

  • Black Diamond Whippet self arrest pole

    When a problem comes along, you can Whippet! C'mon, put your hubcabs on your heads! Ah, the kids these days don't know what they missed in the eighties. Probably better that way. But they have cool stuff like Black Diamond's new Whippet self-arrest pole, so I guess we're even. You have to love a product […]

  • Black Diamond Spinner leash

    Got leash? How about two? How about two with a GearFlogger-orange anodized swivel, one that will save your new ice tools that cost more than your first car – admittedly a PoS Pacer X - from falling into oblivion on pitch 42 of your new test piece, Scary Little Sphincter? Black Diamond's Spinner double spring leash will […]

  • Black Diamond Axe Protector

    Sometimes it's the simple things in life, like not having your partner's axe or ice tool gouge a hole in your new spectra climbing pack while driving up to the mountains. Since he's the only one dumb enough to get up at oh-god-thirty and accompany you on your latest hare-brained epic-to-be, you have to grow him […]

  • Black Diamond Blizzard holster

    There’s only one fail-safe tactic for maintaining control over your tool, and that’s to secure it to your person at all times. That’s problematic when un-leashing to place protection, so what then? Well, you can always take the French approach and do what looks cool; hook the pick behind your neck. Damn, now you’re styling! […]

  • Black Diamond Android leash

    Ever since I saw Blade Runner I’ve had a thing for androids, so I thought the Black Diamond Android leash was a control device for a personal pleasure ‘droid. Imagine my disappointment. To recap, there are two kinds of leashes for ice tools: clip and slipknot. Clip leashes are heavier, more complex, more expensive and […]

  • Black Diamond Lockdown leash

    Leashes, smeashes. Here’s the deal, for ice tools there are basically two designs, clip and slipknot. Clip leashes are heavier, more complex and more expensive. Slipknots are light, simple and cheap. That’s half the story. The other half is how they actually work. You’re climbing vertical ice. With a clip leash, you bury your tool, […]

  • Grivel Air Tech Evo ice axe

    Next to your climbing partner, your axe is your most trusted friend on a big mountain. The Grivel Air Tech Evolution axe will be there for you when you need it, and at only 16.1oz it won’t be a burden. Unlike, for example, certain climbing partners we have all known. This axe had no problems […]

  • Black Diamond Cobra ice tool

    Ice tools are like boots in that they are very personal gear. What works for one climber may drive another climber crazy. Application matters as well, with tools these days falling into two broad categories: leashless for vertical ice and leashed for alpine and mixed routes. You could add a third category for hybrid ice […]