Category: Helmet

  • Melon Urban Active Bike Helmet

    Brain bucket, noodle, noggin, or crown, whatever you call it you want to protect your brain housing group, and you do that with a skid lid, brain sponge, or if you're wearing camo for a living, dome of obedience. The aptly-named Melon Helmets makes some great helmets, and our Littleflogger has been rocking the Urban […]

  • Freetown Lumiere MIPS Bike Helmet

    Biking is a great escape in these trying times. Flying down a mountain trail, feeling the wind in your hair and the tree trunk in your face… You are wearing a helmet, right? If you need to update to the latest helmet technology, Costco has a smoking deal for you. We found the Freetown Lumiere […]

  • Giro Chronicle MIPS Bike Helmet

    Back in the dinosaur days, there was an advertising campaign for helmets that billed them as "courage for your brain." Courage is fine, but what's even better is straight-up armor, and the best brain buckets these days use MIPS: multi-directional impact protection system. MIPS is basically a helmet within a helmet. The outer part rotates […]

  • Sweet Protection Trooper MIPS Helmet

    A good brain bucket is safety equipment numero uno on any alpine skier's list. The new thing in helmet design is MIPS: Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It basically involves an inner liner and outer shell that can move separately, so that the force of an impact at an angle – which most impacts are – […]

  • Smith Variant Brim snow helmet

    Move over, Ponch and Jon: CHIPs has nothing on Smith when it comes to helmet design. A lot of snow helmets these days look like rejected Borg technology, but Smith’s Variant Brim is a smooth operator with a seamless melding of form and function. The ABS/InMold PC shell and EPS liner make an effective brain […]

  • Petzl Meteor III helmet

    Brain buckets are a must-have piece of kit for most climbers, and Petzl has always been a leader in protecting your gray matter. The Meteor III is their latest and greatest entry into the gear fray, and chances are you’ll either love it or hate it. First, the hatemonger perspective. Compared to the Petzl Elios […]

  • Petzl Elios helmet

    The marketing buzz is "more than just a foam helmet with a hard shell." Which is a little strange, because upon examination that’s exactly what it appears to be. But as the kids say these days, whatevs. I find it hard to get excited about a helmet, although I’ll give the highest praise I can […]