Category: Head

  • Melon Urban Active Bike Helmet

    Brain bucket, noodle, noggin, or crown, whatever you call it you want to protect your brain housing group, and you do that with a skid lid, brain sponge, or if you're wearing camo for a living, dome of obedience. The aptly-named Melon Helmets makes some great helmets, and our Littleflogger has been rocking the Urban […]

  • Carhartt 2 in 1 Fleece Hat

    When we originally reviewed this at the beginning of 2020 – remember pre-pandemic days? – we filed the Carhartt 2 in 1 fleece hat under odd but useful. Fast forward to today, with winter coming on and the pandemic coming on even stronger, a hat with a face mask built in is not at all […]

  • Seirus Floppy Hat

    There are two kinds of people in this world: people who divide people into two kinds and the others. Also, people who want a leash on their hat and people who don't. If you're the latter, we have found your floppy hat. Seirus may be better know for their cold weather gear, but they are […]

  • Sweet Protection Trooper MIPS Helmet

    A good brain bucket is safety equipment numero uno on any alpine skier's list. The new thing in helmet design is MIPS: Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It basically involves an inner liner and outer shell that can move separately, so that the force of an impact at an angle – which most impacts are – […]

  • Black Diamond Vapor helmet

    6.6 is the number of the beast. Sure, we dropped a six, but how else to explain the weight in ounces of the new Black Diamond Vapor brain bucket? Clearly someone sold their soul to make this puppy. The Vapor features an EPS foam liner molded into a polycarbonate shell. You'd expect a featherweight helmet […]

  • Outdoor Research Peruvian Hat

    Here's some GearFloggin' for your noggin: the classic Outdoor Research uber-beanie, their Peruvian hat featuring a solid tick-list of alpine necessities. The Peruvian looks like a standard four-panel crown construction beanie, of which there are many good ones out there. What sets it apart are four critical features for serious backcountry use. First, it's made […]

  • Notch Kryptek Highlander Hat

    The graveyard of broken dreams is littered, yes littered, with the failed ideas of those who have dared to mess with the pure form of America's headgear, the baseball cap. And yet, Notch has ventured forth into this landscape and emerged the victor. Notch makes some damn nice caps, with a twist: in the brim […]

  • Outdoor Research Sun Bucket hat

    Sweet deity's ass, the heat! If you're baking in the sun like everyone else this summer, you need a reliable hat. Amateurs wear baseball caps: the tried and true boonie hat is still the standard do-everything, go-everywhere chapeau for serious weather protection. Outdoor Research knows hats, and their stellar selection of toppers includes my favorite […]

  • Talus ColdAvenger balaclava

    Serious cold calls for serious gear, and nothing is as important as putting the right cover on your brain bucket. Talus Outdoor Technologies brings us the ColdAvenger, an expedition-worthy balaclava that sets free your inner Vader. The ColdAvenger is made of Polartec Wind Pro, a great choice for wind protection that doesn't get all crinkly […]

  • Beko face protection

    We've all been there: biting wind blasting your face, wishing you had brought a balaclava. Still, a clava may be more warmth than you want on a sunny/windy day, and it doesn't always fit under a helmet. They can be a bit bulky to stash in a pocket for just-in-case use. For this problem, Beko […]