Category: Harness

  • Black Diamond Couloir Harness

    There are a few pieces of gear that embody near-absolute perfection of design, and the Black Diamond Couloir harness is one of them. What do you want in a mountaineering harness, assuming of course that it's reliably safe to begin with? First and second would be light weight and low profile, since you'll be wearing […]

  • CAMP USA Alp 95 harness

    Sometimes when I'm alone at home I like to put on the SheFlogger's thong. It helps me feel special. Now I can get the same feeling on the mountain with the CAMP Alp 95, a butt-floss of a harness for low-angle alpine and adventure racing use. The Alp 95 weighs in at 3.5oz, about as much […]

  • Black Diamond Xenos harness

    Black Diamond has been in the harness business a long time now. Having learned to climb back in the good old days – even the descent was uphill, punk! – I've graduated from the Alpine Bod to their current pinnacle of alpine ice climbing goodness, the Xenos. The Xenos replaces the Blizzard, and where the […]

  • Mad Rock Venus women’s harness

    I got your Venus, I got your fire… when Bananarama goes climbing, this is how they roll. If you want to be the goddess on the mountain top, check out the Mad Rock Venus women's harness. She Who Must Be Obeyed was barking commands at her belay slave in no time as she hung comfortably, […]

  • Black Diamond Blizzard harness

    Black Diamond is not afraid of Dairy Queen’s trademark lawyers, and to prove it they continue to pump out products named Blizzard, in this case a harness designed for ice climbing and technical alpine routes. I’ve climbed this harness for a full season and I generally like it. It has a shaped molded waist belt […]

  • Mammut Alpine Light harness

    OK, I won’t waste your time: this harness is here because it just plain works, and it weighs only ten ounces. For comparison, the Black Diamond Bod is almost a pound, and even the Alpine Bod is almost a quarter-pound heavier. No, it’s not a big cushy cadillac, so if you’re planning on spending a […]