Category: Hands

  • Head Hybrid Gloves

    Since we interact with the world so much through touch, a good pair of gloves is appreciated much beyond its original purchase price. Recently we came across these Head Hybrid Gloves at Costco for dirt cheap and bought them on impulse since our daily driver gloves, the Outdoor Research Sensors, were finally and inevitably coming […]

  • Mountain Hardwear Nilas down mittens

    There are two schools of expedition mitten design. No, really, there are, because… climbers! Most big mountain mitts are layered affairs. A shell holding lofty insulation, usually synthetic but occasionally down. An inner mitt, trigger finger mitt (index finger separate), lobster mitt (two and two) or glove (you should know this one). So there have […]

  • Outdoor Research Sensor glove

    A fact of life in this digital age is that we are almost always connected. Smartphones in particular are constant companions for better and for worse. Outdoor Research recognizes the utility of the touchscreen and supports it with their Sensor glove, now slightly updated from the original and still great. The Sensor features TouchTec leather […]

  • Outdoor Research Gripper gloves

    You're heading into cold, dry conditions and you need a glove that is warm, but not too bulky. It should be windproof, and it should work both on its own and as a liner inside a larger, warmer glove or mitten. Finally it should have great grip. You're looking for the Outdoor Research Gripper glove, […]

  • Rab Expedition Mitten

    There is cold, and then there is COLD. Having spent our deformative years growing up in Fairbanks, Alaska, we know both kinds. Hell, school didn't close until it hit 55 below. When the temps drop far enough the risk isn't discomfort, it's losing fingers and possibly dying. For that type of cold you need serious […]

  • Sierra Designs Enforcer glove

    Oh ho ho, and what have we here? Just a smokin' hot pair of ski gloves from Sierra Designs. The Enforcer glove has the look, no doubt, but it also has the mojo to rip it up on the slopes or anywhere you need warm, waterproof and padded hand protection. In fact, you may be […]

  • Leki Equipe S Xtrafit gloves

    Leki has this thing going on with their Trigger S strap system, and it's a good thing. The perfect mate for their Speed S Carbon Trigger poles, the Equipe S is a stellar performer all the way around. The Equipe has a sewn cord loop that clips into compatible poles like the Speed, and the […]

  • Outdoor Research Alpine Alibi gloves

    Alibi is (a) part of the name of a very cool little bar in Seattle's Post Alley across from the truly nasty Gum Wall; (b) part of the name of a movie that would be absolutely horrible except it stars Paulina Porizkova; or (c) new gloves from Outdoor Research that absolutely rock the ice. OK, […]

  • Mountain Hardwear Hydra glove

    Mountain Hardwear is pushing glove design a bit with their new OutDry extreme waterproof technology. We've been testing the men's Hydra glove, with a waterproof membrane welded directly to the soft shell outside, and it's a comer. The Hydra is intended for alpine climbing, and as long as you understand the tradeoffs you'll love it. […]

  • Dakine Targa women’s mitten

    Dakine makes a lot of handwear, and they know what boarders want. Their Targa women's mitten has been around and is newly updated. Mittens are just a good idea as the temperature drops, being a lot warmer for the weight than gloves. The Targa is a slick, high quality design, with a full leather grip and waterproof Gore-Tex […]