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  • Grivel Rambo 4 crampon

    I have an embarrassing secret: I used to do all my vertical ice with dual horizontal frontpoints. (Pause for gasps of disbelief) In my own defense, none other than Will Gadd recommends this approach. Then I noticed that young wanker master Gadd is never, ever wearing horizontals in any pics I've seen. You bastard! I […]

  • Grivel Air Tech Evo ice axe

    Next to your climbing partner, your axe is your most trusted friend on a big mountain. The Grivel Air Tech Evolution axe will be there for you when you need it, and at only 16.1oz it won’t be a burden. Unlike, for example, certain climbing partners we have all known. This axe had no problems […]

  • Grivel Dragonne leash

    Yet another little thing that makes your life on the mountain easier. This ice axe leash is clear proof of intelligent design. Well, at least from Grivel. Why buy? It allows you to freely switch hands on your ice axe. That’s pretty much it, although that’s a big deal. It does feature some nice extras: […]