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  • Gregory Targhee FastTrack 24 Ski Pack

    We review a lot of gear, and one thing that never fails to amaze us is the degree of innovation in small packs. The Gregory Targhee FastTrack 24 is a perfect example: every decision made on this pack reflects its singular purpose, to bootpack your skis to the top of your favorite track, and then […]

  • Gregory Border Traveler 30 Travel Backpack

    It's no secret that here at Gearflogger we love us some small-to-medium size backpacks. A backpack is just a small garage you carry around with you, or as George Carlin said, a place for your stuff. All packs can be just an open sack, or be specifically designed for biking, school, climbing, or, in the […]

  • Gregory Sula 18 Pack

    Small packs are often interesting, because they have to focus since there's not enough room on the pack for every option. Gregory always makes interesting packs, because that's pretty much all they do. Combine that dual focus and you end up with an outstanding pack like the Gregory Sula 18. The irony here is that […]

  • Gregory Z35-R pack

    It is the golden age of packs. If you can't find a pack for any purpose conceivable, you're just not looking. A good place to start looking is with Gregory. The California-based company only does packs, and as you might imagine they have dialed in the technology. The Gregory Z series of hiking packs are […]

  • Gregory Alpinisto 35 pack

    Gregory. Packs. Same thing. Gregory has been synonymous with backpacking since before back pain was invented. Not that you'll have to worry about that with their packs, which consistently carry like a dream. For alpine loads up to about 40 pounds, the Alpinisto 35 (as in liters capacity) is your weapon of choice. The Alpinisto […]

  • Black Diamond to merge with Gregory, go public

    We hate to pollute our opinions with actual news because that sounds a lot like real reporting. And once you start down that slippery slope you better have crampons and an ice axe. But here you go, straight from the wire: "05.10.2010 – Black Diamond Equipment Ltd., a global leader in the climbing and freeride […]

  • Gregory Z30 pack

    The Z30 sounds like a secret weapon from outer space, but it’s actually a sweet little pack from Gregory, the guys who do only packs. The Z30 is available in small 1,650ci, medium 1,800ci and large 1,920ci models weighing in at a very nice 2lb 10oz, 2lb 12oz and 2lb 14oz respectively. The Z30 is literally […]

  • Gregory Denali Pro pack

    Yes, you can take it with you. Carry the kitchen sink in this pack, which lives up to its name as "the Great One" for both its capacity (7,000ci for the size large) and its weight (8lb!). You won’t even notice the six-pack your buddy stuffed in the bottom of this load monster while you […]