Category: Green

  • Patagonia Down Sweater Vest

    Vacation is over, and once again it's the time of the season. The time to find anything with a feather, shave it, and stuff the proceeds into a DWF polyester sack with holes for your arms and head. Patagonia has made a damn fine start of it with the Down Sweater Vest, a minimalist 7oz […]

  • Patagonia Meridian Women’s Board Shorts

    Patagonia makes seriously high-quality clothing. What's more it just seems to fit right the first time. The trifecta: if you're in the doghouse with the SheFlogger, Patagonia clothing is guaranteed get out of jail free material, my hapless little friend. Patagonia knows surfwear, and the Meridian women's board short is a stellar example of form and function. The minimalist design has […]

  • Common Soles Cocos sandals

    Common Soles continues their quest to do good by doing business. Their products are not just stylish, functional and affordable: they also help make the world a better place. The new Cocos sandals for women are difficult to review, for the simple fact that the SheFlogger has been wearing them every day and the look […]

  • Ecogear Mohave Tui backpack

    Eco-this, enviro-that, what's in a green-tinged name these days? If you're company's name is Ecogear, it means your products are toxin-free: no PVC, chlorine, dioxin, phthalates, heavy metals, or any other ozone-depleting chemicals. Ecogear also uses recycled post-consumer materials in their Recycled line of packs. We considered deducting a point for "made in China" but that felt a little hypocritical […]

  • BioBags dog waste bags

    Man's best friend is, of course, the SheFlogger. But right after that is the GearDogger. Our four-legged coprophilic companions are an integral part of many backcountry adventures. In general it seems like there's a trend for more dog-friendly places to roam, and to keep that trend going here's our plug for poop removal. BioBag makes all kinds […]

  • Mountain Hardwear Hooded Compressor PL jacket

    The Mountain Hardwear Compressor jacket is a GearFlogger favorite from way back. It's sturdy, versatile and well-designed. It also used to be just for men, but now there's a SheFlogger specific version that makes a few sacrifices to form over function that limit its suitability for alpine epics, yet are sure to make it a big hit […]

  • Common Soles flip flops

    Give it up for Common Soles, a for-profit business with a well-developed conscience. CS acquires their products from fair-wage and eco-sensitive manufacturers and gives a portion of the proceeds of each sale to support health and education initiatives in needy communities. CS sells flip flops, and we test walked the Aiman, which uses natural jute plant […]

  • Sierra Designs Flex down jacket

    You got to flex it if you want to sex it, baby! The beach is (flex bicep while pointing with thumb) thataway! Sierra Designs has been flexing it for some time now with their sleeping bags. Their 3-season bags use an elastic tape and their ultralight bags use an elastic thread, as does the Flex […]

  • Samsung Reclaim phone with Sprint service

    Cell phones may not seem like backcountry gear at first blush, but the reality is that we all carry them for both convenience and safety when in out in the sticks. Heck, you can even get cell signal on the summit of Denali if the wind is right. If you're going to carry, the Samsung […]

  • Dakine Project Blue Recon pack

    Dakine takes it to a higher level with their Project Blue Recon pack. Project Blue is a surf industry effort to keep our waves rolling, our water blue and our coastlines pristine. Two bucks from each pack go to the Surfrider Foundation. Dakine doesn't go halfway; the Recon is seriously eco-friendly, 100% PVC-free and made […]