Category: Granite Gear

  • Granite Gear Air Zippditty bags

    Like the man said, sometimes all you need is a place for your stuff. For all the stuff in your pack, it helps to have many places. Granite Gear is here to hook you up with their Air Zippditty (who was smoking a bowl when they named that?) grab bag of small bags. It's always […]

  • Granite Gear Blaze A.C. 60 pack

    Granite Gear makes products as tough as their name. If you're looking for a pack that can be dragged, snagged, punched, kicked, and generally abused without ever having to resort to a safe word… wait, that's a different story. Damn you Danish sex tour! The Granite Gear Blaze A.C. 60 pack, available for both men […]

  • Granite Gear Escape A.C. 60 pack

    Granite Gear knows packs, and their new Escape series is a tour of best practices in modern pack design. We reviewed the A.C. 60, a 3,660ci/60L top loader internal frame design that tips the scales at a mere 3lb 4oz for a medium torso. It's a hiking model that cuts weight without cutting features. The […]

  • Granite Gear Uberlight DrySack

    Not all that glitters is gold. Some are textiles, and some of those are uber-sexy like these Granite Gear Uberlight DrySacks. These things are ridiculously light, ranging from an anorexic half an ounce for the 4.5"x7"x17" 7L to .75oz for the 6"x8.75"x 22.5" 13L. Crazy light. And crazy thin, too. The Uberlights are like giant condoms, […]

  • Granite Gear AirVent DryBloc Solid compression sack

    We've covered Granite Gear bags pretty extensively, so we'll keep it short. The AirVent DryBloc Solid is an ultralight (3.5oz for the medium) bag that combines a bunch of design features. It's a compression sack with a square cross-section like the Air Bloc Solid, and it's a roll-top drybag with an eVENT bottom like the […]

  • Granite Gear AirVent HD Reduction DryBloc drybags

    Granite Gear is all about ultralight bags. The mouthful of a name AirVent HD Reduction DryBloc bag is a heavy duty drybag with an interesting twist: the bottom is made of eVENT waterproof fabric, so when you roll it up the air is forced out the bottom. We didn't torture test the HD (i.e. deck bag […]

  • Granite Gear Air Space storage bag

    For some things, absolute minimalism is best. Bags for organizing things inside your pack definitely fall into this category. You don't want to pull out a dozen individual dehydrated meals one by one, but you also don't want to use a pound of sacks to contain them. Granite Gear hears you, my friends, and gives […]

  • Granite Gear Air Bloc Solid compression sack

    There are two kinds of floggers: stuffers and folders. For the stuffers we have the Granite Gear Air Bloc Solid compression sack. Updated from the original white version, the Solid – endorsed by no less than Undercover Brother himself – is a mere 2.7oz of compressatory marvelousness. The updated Solid replaces the original compression straps […]

  • Granite Gear Air Compressor sacks

    There are two kinds of people in this world: stuffers and folders. For the former there is the Air Compressor line from long-time stuffing pimp-daddy Granite Gear. At just 3.4oz for the medium light is right. The sack compresses well with the attached four-point lid. It is translucent so if you have two equal-sized sacks […]