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  • Electrolyte Supplements Compared: Zeal, SaltStick, Nuun, Gu

    Did you know the human body at rest produces 100W of electricity? Shocking jokes aside, electrolytes – substances like sodium and potassium that conduct electricity when dissolved in water – enable homeostasis, hydration, muscle contraction and other critical functions. Electrolyte levels change for various reasons, a big one being decrease due to fluid loss, e.g. […]

  • Zojirushi Stainless Vacuum Mug

    If it's metal and it's used to hold or prepare food, Zojirushi has it dialed in. Their vacuum bottles have always been first rate, and you can bet your bottom dollar that whatever you put in them will be hot or cold as you prefer when you want it. The new Zojirushi 600ml/20oz stainless vacuum […]

  • Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filter

    Sawyer knows water filters, having been in the business since 1984. All that great rock and roll must have done something good, because they continue to lead innovation in the important area of helping us not puke our guts out because we drank some skank. The Micro Squeeze is Sawyer's smallest and lightest filter, at […]

  • Huel Complete Nutrition Bar

    Huel is an interesting company, and one we admire in many respects. They make the extra effort to be transparent in how they source and make their products, which is refreshing in this age of hyper-marketing. We enjoyed early versions of their powder and ready-to-drink products, so we were looking forward to trying out the […]

  • TwentyFifty Compostable Spoons

    Last year for the first time plastic cutlery made the top ten list of most-collected pieces of trash in The Ocean Conservancy's annual cleanup. Sounds like it's time for a New Year's resolution to get rid of single-use forks, spoons and knives – or is it? What if, say, you could eat your single-use spoon? […]

  • Coleman RoadTrip 285 Grill

    We're big fans of the Coleman RoadTrip grills. They've always performed great for us, grilling up meals for anywhere from two to ten people at campgrounds all over Alaska. This summer we tried out the latest iteration, the RoadTrip 285, and found it continues a great tradition. Folding grills are just a good idea to […]

  • Huel Meal Replacement

    Huel is a meal replacement available in powder or liquid form: human fuel to supplement or replace whole foods. We all recognize that "real food" is best, but we can't eat organic grass-fed fair trade locally sourced whatever all the time. We'll leave aside that whole issue and focus on what Huel claims to be: […]

  • Zoku Pocket Straw

    Clearly all the extra plastic in the world is a problem, and with over 500 million plastic straws being used every frickin' day there's an easy way to do our part in fighting for our planet's oceans, and it's not like it's a big change to make: use a resusable straw. The Zoku Pocket Straw […]

  • Simply Shredz Premium Dried Pulled Pork

    Beef jerky has been a trail staple since people invented fire. These days there's no reason to settle for old school jerky when there are so many tastier and healthier alternatives. Simply Shredz adds yet another option that hits all the right notes. Simply Shredz makes premium dried pulled pork. They start with lean pork […]

  • Made Good Snack Bars

    Sometimes we all need a little snack, but for folks with allergies it can be a real hassle to find a snack that isn't going to trigger a bad reaction. Made Good Foods has snacks that take away that concern, so you can avoid the hangries without fear of getting taken out by a stray […]