Category: Eyes

  • Costa Caleta Sunglasses

    You can't go wrong with Costa optics, and the Caleta is a head turner with a little something different. The frames, available in black or plum, are a flat finish instead of glossy coated. It makes for a distinctive look, so be prepared to answer questions like, "where did you get those sunglasses?" a lot… […]

  • Salt Life Laguna Sunglasses

    Italy is hip, we've all know that since 1953 when Gregory Peck chased Audrey Hepburn all over Rome in Roman Holiday and the movie won an Academy Award for costume. It also introduced the Vespa motor scooter to Americans, and the affection for both movie and scooter resulted in the 1946 Vespa from the movie […]

  • Costa OCEARCH Spearo Polarized Sunglasses

    We hesitate to contradict the bards of ZZ Top, and don't get us wrong, we do love us a pair of cheap sunglasses, especially when we know they are likely to get scratched, lost or broken. But there are also times where we're going to be on water, snow or ice and we want the […]

  • Original Penguin Jack Sun and Suspender 2.0 Sunglasses

    The melanin-challenged among us know that our baby-blue eyes are more sensitive to light. Here at Gearflogger HQ in Alaska, we face the dual challenge of long summer days and sun reflecting off snow for some intense, if short, winter days. Lesson learned: keep a pair of sunglasses handy at all time. While we do […]

  • Wiley X WX Ignite Sunglasses

    Wiley X eyewear has always given a lot of bang for the buck. Their products are popular with people who are rough on their gear and don't want to spend a mint on something they're about to abuse in the line of duty: think military, law enforcement and emergency services, or any pursuit where foreign […]

  • Adidas Progressor S Goggles

    Along with a helmet, eye protection is mandatory on the slopes, both to keep junk out of your eyes and to allow visibility whether it's sunny or socked in. Adidas is a relatively new entrant into the ski goggle category, but they wasted no time in putting out a competitive product with the Progressor S […]

  • Adidas Horizor Sunglasses

    Sunglasses are a perennial product line, with styles changing at just the right pace for there to always be something new coming down the pike. One of the new-new things is the Adidas sunglasses line. We've been using the polarized Horizor for a month now, and they quickly became our daily drivers. Why? For that […]

  • Frogglez Kids Swim Goggles

    Consider this a public service announcement, of a sort. The Sheflogger and I enrolled our five-year-old in swim lessons, both to burn off what seems to be an unlimited amount of energy (that he steals from us, but that's another rant) and for the sake of safety. Swimming saves lives. Littleflogger didn't like traditional spaghetti-strap […]

  • Salt Life Sunglasses

    Spring is sprung, and with it longer days and glorious, blinding sunlight. Protecting the old Mark I Eyeball is always a priority regardless of season, and no one knows better than us how frustrating it can be to find a decent pair of sunglasses. Salt Life has a number of options that look and perform great. […]

  • Julbo MonteRosa sunglasses

    Julbo once again comes through with a stylish, functional pair of shades that can perform on the slopes or around the town with equal aplomb. That's a fancy word for style, you gear apes! And this one is for the ladies – men, see the larger framed MonteBianco. Julbo knows glacier glasses, and while the […]