Category: Electronics & optics

  • EcoFlow RIVER 600 Portable Power Station

    I need more power, Scotty! And with the EcoFlow RIVER 600 you can have it, you narcissistic horndog Captain you! With a 288 watt-hour capacity and a boost mode that supports up to 1800 watts, you're sure to find something in your life that needs to go off-grid with you. Need more power? You can […]

  • Casio Pro Trek PRT-B70T-7 Fishing Watch

    A long time ago there was a saying, no one ever got fired for buying IBM equipment. It just worked, and the same is true of Casio watches. Use them, abuse them, they just keep working. The new Pro Trek PRT-B70T-7 is yet another solid performer in the Pro Trek line, and the smartphone app […]

  • weBoost Destination RV Cell Signal Booster

    If the starship Enterprise was an RV, Scotty would insist on the Destination RV cell phone signal booster from weBoost. The man needs more power, and where most mobile boosters are limited to 50dB max downlink gain the Destination RV rocks a full 65dB. Because the dB scale is logarithmic, that's a 30x increase in power […]

  • Suunto 3 Sports Watch

    Hold the phones, stop the presses and insert your own archaic exclamatory reference here, ladies and gentlemen! The biggest complaints about sports watches are price, size, price, weight, price and features in that order. OK, we totally made up that "data" but it's right-ish. The Suunto 3 sports watch knocks all those reasons right down […]

  • Sharkbanz 2 Shark Deterrent Band

    There is really only one question you need to answer: did you see Jaws as a child? If the answer is yes, then you will want to get yourself a Sharkbanz shark deterrent band. It's that or a bigger boat. Now we are fully aware that sharks, like bears or any other apex predator, deserve respect and […]

  • Casio Pro Trek PRT-B70 Fishing Watch

    The other day we noticed our friend's watch wasn't working, but we still haven't told them; it's never the right time. Rimshot! But seriously folks… if you just buy a Casio, it will probably outlast you so you won't have to worry about that kind of stuff. The Pro Trek series of ABC watches – […]

  • weBoost Drive Reach OTR Cell Signal Booster for Trucks

    Here in Alaska we've come to rely on weBoost cell signal boosters for convenience and safety in urban areas and along well-traveled highway corridors, but they really come into their own when RVing around Alaska. It's pretty easy to find yourself in truly rural areas where the cell signal is weak or nonexistent. If it's […]

  • HELM Audio True Wireless TW5 Earbuds

    Earbuds have come a long way. It used to be that if you could only own a single pair of headphones, you'd go for over-the-ear without even thinking about it. That day is gone, and HELM Audio is in the forefront of the current wave of bluetooth earbuds that deliver uncompromising sound quality in a […]

  • weBoost Drive X RV Cell Signal Booster

    High on the list of poorly-kept secrets is the fact that we are big fans of weBoost cell signal boosters. Unlike most people we have access to good radios and even satellite phones but practically speaking what we normally have with us are cell phones. Cell phones are great for convenience and safety in urban […]

  • myCharge Adventure H2O Portable Charger

    Portable power has never been more convenient, which is good news because we've never had so many devices that require frequent recharging: smart phones, tablets, watches, GPS, phasers, flux capacitors, you name it. All these things have legitimate roles in backcountry travel and frontcountry convenience, not to mention emergency and disaster preparedness. The last is […]