Category: DMM

  • DMM Revolver Screwgate carabiner pulley

    Introducing the ayatollah of lock-and-rollah! DMM has had their kick-butt Revolver wiregate pulley carabiner out for a few years now and it has proven itself in the field. See that review for how to put together an ultralight crevasse rescue hauling system. Now our fine Welsh friends have done it again, this time with lockability. […]

  • DMM Bugette belay device

    At just under an ounce you won't find a lighter belay device. The Bugette is perfect for glacier travel and other just-in-case applications. For heavy and/or frequent use you'll want something with a bit more metal to dissipate heat more efficiently and resist abrasion, but for emergency and occasional use the Bugette is the bomb. […]

  • DMM Wallnuts passive pro

    The name Wallnuts reminds me of a drinking game in college where you face a wall while holding a ping pong ball above your head. Upon dropping said ball you attempt to pin it to the wall with your forehead. If you miss you drink. Ah, good times. DMM's Wallnuts are a considerably smarter investment, […]

  • DMM Revolver carabiner pulley

    Revolver is not just a potty-mouthed rock and roll magazine, a mediocre movie by Guy Ritchie, or a legitimate means of settling arguments in Texas (actual successful murder defense: "he needed killin',") it's also a tricksy carabiner design from DMM. The 1.6oz Revolver carabiner has a burly little pulley built into the frame. It's definitely […]