Category: Craft

  • Craft PXC Thermal top

    Craft has done a good job of positioning themselves as a premium brand, with premium pricing justified by impeccably designed and built apparel. The Craft PXC Thermal top is a great piece for all you cold warriors out there. The PXC is part of Craft's nordic collection, but it's equally at home as a first […]

  • Craft Zero Extreme Concept base layer

    The Craft Zero Extreme Concept base layer is like that old English Leather ad: "My men wear English Leather Zero Extreme, or nothing at all." The Concept piece weighs in at 3.4 ounces. it feels wispy when you put it on, and then you basically forget you're wearing anything. It's stretchy and ultra-thin: the silver […]

  • Craft Zero Extreme Windstopper Skull hat

    It's beanie madness! The Swedish chefs at Craft hooks us up with nothing less than a Windstopper skull cap, or if you're Swedish, the Skall. Or maybe it's skoal. Alright, let's not assume anything. The Skull hat weighs basically nothing, and the Windstopper panel protects the front of your noggin from the slipstream, preventing the dreaded […]