Category: Cooking

  • GoSun Flatware

    Stainless steel flatware that fits in a credit-card sized sleeve and weights nothing? Yes, please! GoSun hooked us up with their nifty little fork and spoon set some time ago. It disappeared into our camping gear and ended up being one of those things that was out in the field so long we forgot to […]

  • MSR WindBurner Stove

    You really can't go wrong with any MSR stove, and the WindBurner is no exception. The WindBurner is billed as a stove system, which basically means that it comes in a dizzying array of combinations and configurations. The stove itself is the same in all but the Personal Stove System; that one is a hybrid […]

  • MSR Reactor Canister Stove, 1.7L

    MSR rules the expedition stove world for good reason. Their XGK and WhisperLite models are far and away the most popular stoves on Denali for one simple reason: bombproof reliability. It doesn't hurt that they're intelligently designed all the way around. The XGK in particular is overkill though for anything short of expedition use, and […]

  • Coleman HyperFlame Gladiator Stove

    With the arrival of the Littleflogger some years ago, camping became a heavier affair than it used to be, at least when the flock of four-year-olds are along. You do begin to appreciate the convenience of some of those heavier items, exhibit A being the Coleman HyperFlame two-burner stove. As camp stoves go, the HyperFlame […]

  • Coleman RoadTrip LXE Propane Grill

    It's grilling season! OK, it's always grilling season, but summer is special because you can do it anywhere, provided you have a portable grill like the Coleman RoadTrip LXE. The LXE was clearly designed by someone who wanted to bring a premium grilling experience on the road. The design is solid, transitioning from flat to […]

  • Mountain House Wraps

    Mountain House has always had the best freeze-dried food out there in our not-so-humble opinion. Now they have Wraps, new roll-your-own meals designed to be slapped into a tortilla and chowed down. We're talking Breakfast Skillet, Barbecue Sauce with Beef, Buffalo Style Chicken and Mexican Style Beef. Just bring your own tortillas, a little oil […]

  • Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife

    Enabling two out of three behaviors in the homicidal triad, Light My Fire's Swedish FireKnife is a great value for a quality combination fire starter and knife. The single-edge fillet style blade is made by Mora of 12C27 stainless steel, a sturdy and utilitarian design. It uses a modified Scandanavian grind, easily reestablished by hand sharpening, with […]

  • Primus ExpressLander stove

    Teeny-friggin-tiny, that's the Primus ExpressLander stove. At 6.2 ounces it's getting into the insectoid weight division. I've seen cockroaches in Hawaii heavier than this thing. The ExpressLander is built on Primus' Express stove technology, but where the Express sits on top of a canister the ExpressLander hooks up with the ubiquitous white gas. It comes […]

  • MSR Flex 4 System cookset

    MSR knows cooking, and the MSR Flex 4 System cookset is a strong entry in the trend of transformer cooksets, where everything nests within everything else until a singularity is created that will devour the world. Until then, enjoy! The four-person set includes twelve – 12! – pieces: four 12.5oz insulated mugs with drink-through lids […]

  • Primus EtaPower Pots

    We always thought Primus was the only band ever to get its own ID3 genre tag. Yeah, they're that strange. Turns out there's another Primus in town covering the not-so-heavy metal scene. They're primarily into aluminum, with a titanium coating. Primus the gear company is known for its stoves and cookware. We tested the EtaPower aluminum pots […]