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  • Travelon Tech Accessory Organizer

    Organization is its own zen, and we're constantly looking for good organizing tools. Travelon makes a lot of different styles of bags, and they've got some nifty little organizer models. We looked at the Tech Accessory Organizer, an inexpensive and versatile solution. The TAO is about 5×7 inches folded, with an adjustable buckle and strap […]

  • SmartControl Fuel Can

    In the recent 7.0 earthquake here in Southcentral Alaska, we were happy to have on hand a portable generator to maintain heat. But a generator – or for that matter a vehicle or anything else with an internal combustion engine – is not much good unless you can gas it up, so we were also […]

  • The Better Bungee Build-a-Bungee Kit

    You gotta love it when some clever people take something you just didn't think could be any better and improve it. Exhibit A is the humble bungee cord or strap. Two hooks joined by a length of elastic material. What could possibly be improved? Well The Better Bungee folks had some ideas. They start with […]

  • Watershed Ocoee Drybag

    Ho-hum, yet another drybag review. Or so we thought, but then we unrolled the Ocoee duffel-style drybag from Watershed. Three things were immediately apparent: it was a really good-looking drybag, it was clearly high-quality construction, coated in polyurethane instead of cheaper and weaker PVC, and it had a nonstandard ziploc-style closure. OK, so maybe not […]

  • Bowtie Ski and Pole Carrier

    It's pain to wrangle skis and poles, whether it's from the corner of the garage into your car or from your car up to the lift or really anywhere else. There are a number of solutions to ski portage, but a simple strap has a lot of advantages and the Bowtie wraps it all up […]

  • Mystery Ranch Mission 90 Duffel

    One trend in outdoor gear, especially clothing and bags, the last few years is attaching the word "bespoke" to indicate a degree of craftsmanship above and beyond the norm. It's often annoying and frequently unwarranted, but our first review of 2018 features a product that could easily carry the adjective correctly, even though it doesn't […]

  • Safego Portable Lockbox

    OK, so this is cool: a lightweight, easily portable lockbox with a cable for securing to any immovable object. The Safego is a great way to play in the surf while your wallet and smartphone are secured from casual grab-and-go theft. The Safego is just big enough for a plus-sized iPhone… wait, let me put […]

  • Magpul Daka Polymer Wallet

    We're big fans of Magpul accessories in general, and minimalist wallets in particular, so we were excited to see Magpul release such a product. They do a lot of cool things with polymers and firearms furniture so we had high expectations. That's why we were very disappointed in the Daka wallet, even though we really […]

  • Ameribag Outdoors Healthy Back Bag

    Sling bags deserve most of the credit for making purses acceptable to men. You can even buy tactical sling bags with MOLLE webbing, so everyone will know they're looking at a wannabe operator operating operationally. It will match the hipster beard look and complete the whole lumbersexual presentation. It will also get you shot first in an […]

  • Matador Droplet Wet Bag

    We like Matador's approach to rethinking everyday items in clever ways. Their Pocket Blanket is a great deal, for example. Their new Droplet is not on the same level, although it is undeniably – as much as it pains me to use this word on a Serious Gear Blog – cute. They call the Droplet […]