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  • Cloudveil Women’s Run Don’t Walk Zip T

    If a man says something in the forest, and the SheFlogger is not around to correct him, is he still wrong? Hmm, deep thought. Let's say the SheFlogger is around, and she is royally pissed. I know, hard to imagine, but stick with me. You need to come up with something shiny fast. Let us […]

  • Cloudveil Black Ice bibs

    The Black Ice (formerly Ice Floe) bibs are a truly versatile piece of kit from boutique-vendor-turning-mainstream Cloudveil. Thoughtfully constructed of Schoeller Dryskin Extreme these soft shell bibs breathe well, shed weather effortlessly, and have the added advantage of not picking up snow (or pet hair) as fleece tends to. The pass-through chest pocket is handy […]