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  • Arc’Teryx Covert LT Pullover

    If you're going to buy a pullover, in our opinion it should pull triple-duty: on the trail, about town and even in the casual office – does anyone go to a non-casual office anymore? If that's you, so sorry! Arc'Teryx understands the trail-to-town philosophy and expresses it perfectly in the Covert LT pullover. It's a […]

  • Coalatree Trailhead Pants

    Sometimes there's a product that we know we need to review, but we just keep putting it off, and then when we finally get around to it we think, why did we wait so long? Thus it is with the Coalatree Trailhead pants, pants that receive crazy good reviews everywhere you look because… well, they […]

  • Boulder Denim 3.0 Jeans

    In just a few short years we'll be celebrating the 150th anniversary of what has to be the most iconic piece of clothing in the history of the world: the blue jean. It's hard to beat the basic design: a strong cotton weave with distinctive diagonal ribbing and rivets for a soft yet durable fabric […]

  • Arc’Teryx Proton LT Hoody

    The hot thing these days is keeping cool, as in warmth with breathability. The current crop of jackets featuring lightweight synthetic insulation for all you backcountry workaholics – I'm looking at you, fast and light mountaineering crew – has a new showpiece from Arc'Teryx, the Proton LT Hoody. And bonus: we tested both men's and […]

  • Maloja UrsiaM. Women’s Multisport Pant

    Maloja recognizes that most people don't want to own a pair of pants for every conceivable sport, especially if said pants cost top dollar to begin with. Here at Gearflogger we fully subscribe to the "buy once, cry once" philosophy of investing in quality gear, we just want it to be as versatile as possible, […]

  • Pearl Izumi Versa Polo Shirt

    We're generally leery of awarding anything a "best of" label, but we're making an exception here for the Pearl Izumi men's Versa polo shirt. The Versa is up for anything: wear it to work, then slog through your favorite rooty-tooty technical mountain biking trail. The Versa does it all with style and performance. The Versa […]

  • UV Skinz UPF Clothing

    UV Skinz is one of those focused companies: they do UPF 50+ clothing and that is that. It also happens that they do it really well, with fun, functional clothing for a fair price. We tried out a couple of pieces, starting with their signature men's Retro Board Shorts. They're available in a great selection […]

  • Maloja Clothing

    From across the pond in good old Germany comes Maloja clothing, named after a pass in the Swiss Alps or a Swiss village or something like that. They've been around since 2004, have a very cool office and they specialize in making very high quality – and very expensive – outdoor clothing. If you're a […]

  • Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody

    As spring gives way to summer, there are still high places we want to get to with cold air and wild variations in temperature. What we need is a jacket that can operate smoothly across a range of temperatures and exertion levels, and that doesn't slow us down. For going on three winters now that […]

  • Eddie Bauer Convector Jacket

    When we went looking recently for a field jacket that could take some abuse, physical and weather-related, and still keep us warm without weighing us down, we settled on the Eddie Bauer Convector jacket. One big plus: we love us some Primaloft One synthetic insulation, a benchmark for the industry, and the Convector is packed […]