Category: Clothing base layer

  • Outdoor Research Alpine Onset Ubertube Top

    Everybody say it with me now! What do we like? Merino wool baselayers! How do we like them? In cool colors with funky features! Yes, you've got it, and so does Outdoor Research with their funky and cool Ubertube top. The Ubertube comes in some classy monotones as well, but that blue camo, you know […]

  • Runderwear Underwear

    You are a busy person. You do not have time for things like checkout aisles, oil changes or seams in your underwear. So you have your food delivered, you don't own a car, and you tried going commando but let's just say that didn't work out so well. On that front Runderwear has you covered. […]

  • Bjorn Daehlie Airnet Wool Base Layer

    Life is a delicate balance. Good and evil. Rich and poor. Warmth and ventilation. The first two, you're on your own. The last we can help with by recommending Dahlie's new Airnet wool base layers. Spoiler: it's not a generic base layer for everyone, but the people who will like it will REALLY like it! […]

  • Orvis Sandy Point Quarter Zip Pullover

    Orvis, makers of many things for "the field" and purveyors of questionable marketing tie-ins like the 1997 Orvis Jeep Grand Cherokee – hey, my neighbor has one! – apparently also lends their name to clothing that they don't actually carry on their website but you can find on Amazon, exhibit 1-A being the Sandy Point […]

  • MagnaReady Stress Free Shirt

    OK, so technically the motto of MagnaReady is "stress free shirting" and they just call their products shirts, but! After trying out their shirt, we have Officially (TM) dubbed it the Stress Free Shirt because! It just is. And viola, we have our first candidate for Best Damn Product of 2018, and a leading contender […]

  • The North Face Progressor Insulated Hybrid Hoodie

    Hybrid jackets have been around for a few years now and are a proven product category. The format is insanely useful for high-output activities where you need some core insulation and upper body protection but still have to have the ability to vent off excess heat and moisture. The lightweight 11.6oz North Face Progressor is […]

  • Under Armour Streaker Run Quarter Zip Shirt

    Under Armour deserves recognition, if for no other reason than successfully maintaining the British "ou" in their name in the American market. That aside, their gear deserves consideration by anyone who needs to keep their cool outdoors, and their Streaker Run Quarter Zip long sleeve delivers. The Streaker – and c'mon, give it up for […]

  • Tani Thermaluxe Base Layer Underwear

    OK you coffee addicts, here's a way to get even closer to your habit: wear your beans, and not just on your sleeves but all over. Tani's Thermaluxe base layers are 91 percent polyamide and 9 percent good old Lycra, and the polyamide part is nylon, but with a twist: the proprietary Nilit fibers are made […]

  • Territory Ahead Go Anywhere Cargo Pants

    A good pair of cargo pants is mandatory for the male wardrobes. OK, I have no idea if that is actually true, but it sounds plausible. Territory Ahead makes clothing that balances practicality with some travel-inspired flair, and their Go Anywhere pants are a stylish if expensive option. The Go Anywhere pants are well built, […]

  • Wrangler RIGGS Workwear Ripstop Ranger Pants & Shorts

    I'm always confused: is it pant or pants? And what's with the long product names again? Make a decision people! Hopefully those of you in the market for some decent outdoors work pants can look past the name, because Wrangler makes some pretty sweet pants designed for getting down and dirty. The Ranger, as its […]