Category: ClimbTech

  • ClimbTech Removable Anchor

    There are some very creative people working at ClimbTech. They are possibly crazy as well. Who else would invent a removable bolt? And yet… there may be method to their madness. The ClimbTech RB removable anchor is removable rock pro based on a clever adaptation of the sliding wedge principle, kind of like a Lowe […]

  • ClimbTech Ultra-Light Quickdraw

    Dirtbag climbers live for the dream: a rope, a rack and the shirt on your back. Unfortunately that rack can cost more than your first car. Dirtbags everywhere can officially rejoice: a reasonably priced quickdraw has come to town, courtesy of Texas-based ClimbTech. ClimbTech has a full assortment of quickdraw styles: a wire-wire, straight-bent keylocks, […]