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  • Casio Pro Trek PRT-B70T-7 Fishing Watch

    A long time ago there was a saying, no one ever got fired for buying IBM equipment. It just worked, and the same is true of Casio watches. Use them, abuse them, they just keep working. The new Pro Trek PRT-B70T-7 is yet another solid performer in the Pro Trek line, and the smartphone app […]

  • Casio Pro Trek PRT-B70 Fishing Watch

    The other day we noticed our friend's watch wasn't working, but we still haven't told them; it's never the right time. Rimshot! But seriously folks… if you just buy a Casio, it will probably outlast you so you won't have to worry about that kind of stuff. The Pro Trek series of ABC watches – […]

  • Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 Watch

    A Casio Pro Trek is "just a watch" in the same way that KITT is "just a car," which is to say… not even close. The Pro Trek is the watch series formerly known as Pathfinder, and it has been steadily improving in both the quantity and quality of features and performance over the years. […]

  • Casio PRO TREK Vivid PRG330 ABC Watch

    We've found Casio's PRO TREK watches to be everything you need for timekeeping and ABC (altimeter/barometer/compass, but c'mon – you knew that!) applications in the backcountry. We've lived with and love the Night Safari Concept model, and we're looking forward to reviewing the WSD-F21HR model with the long-awaited heart rate tracking functionality, but we have […]

  • Casio PRO TREK Night Safari Concept Watch

    If there's a staple in rugged outdoor timepieces, it would have to be Casio. Their G-Shock is justly famous in military and law enforcement circles because of it's legendary toughness, but what if you're not an operator operating operationally and just want a tough watch with advanced features for when people are not shooting at […]