Category: Carabiners & quickdraws

  • RNR Raider Ultra-Violet Locking Carabiner

    Looking back in our personal gear history, our first memory of being fascinated by a shiny object, that eventually led to a lifetime of gear acquisition and abject poverty, was a humble carabiner. They are still in our minds the ultimate image of the climbing life. In some ways biners have come a long way, […]

  • Black Diamond Magnetron VaporLock Locking Carabiner

    Carabiners are the glue that holds the climbing world together, and you can never really have enough of them in your kit. Black Diamond has always made stellar biners, and with the introduction of their Magnetron technology – available in the VaporLock, RockLock and GridLock models – one-handed locking and unlocking has never been easier. […]

  • Petzl Freino belay carabiner

    OK, alpha-gear-geeks, your carabiner has arrived. Designed to be used with the Petzl Grigri (but just as effective with any belay device), the Freino belay carabiner is a 3 ounce autolocking unit that has a secondary gate and basket – yes, you may call it a spur to establish techno-superiority – that provides additional braking. […]

  • DMM Revolver Screwgate carabiner pulley

    Introducing the ayatollah of lock-and-rollah! DMM has had their kick-butt Revolver wiregate pulley carabiner out for a few years now and it has proven itself in the field. See that review for how to put together an ultralight crevasse rescue hauling system. Now our fine Welsh friends have done it again, this time with lockability. […]

  • Black Diamond Magnetron RockLock carabiner

    The story of carabiner evolution: on the eighth day God created various implements of climbing including carabiners. For six thousand years nothing happened. Then in the twenty-first century everyone got all crazy and started innovating. Sub-ounce biners, wiregates with just one wire, crazy stuff. Black Diamond is one of the worst offenders in the area […]

  • Black Diamond quality control lab: slings and draws

    You stingy bastard. You know who you are: the guy who insists his gear is still fit for duty as it crumbles into dust. Everyone is guilty of it, but we all need to take a deep breath and realistically assess the state of our gear. Black Diamond's quality control lab hooks us up with pointers […]

  • Black Diamond HotWire Quickdraw

    Have a climber infestation in your home? Just put out a bunch of bear traps and bait them with shiny things like the new hot-forged Black Diamond HotWire carabiner. Snap! It's just too pretty for us neanderthals to ignore. The new HotWire is in our humble opinion the best BD draw for all-around climbing. It's got […]

  • Black Diamond HoodWire carabiner and quickdraw

    Latest in the funky carabiner design category is the Black Diamond HoodWire. It's also the latest in the TakeOutTheSpaceBetweenWordsButStillCapitalizeThem trend. GearFlogger hates that. ReallyWeDo. The wire hood eliminates snagging on bolts when you're cleaning a draw, or if you're un-racking off a sling. The HoodWire is otherwise a nice little hot-forged biner with good handling and a […]

  • Black Diamond GridLock belay carabiner

    Our suggested name for this product was the RoadRage, but still… GridLock is not bad. Black Diamond's newest screwgate biner is 2.6oz of hot-forged, I-beamed shiny-shiny made especially for the belay slave in your life. Biner makers are really pushing the envelope these days in an attempt to innovate and differentiate, so here you are. […]

  • Black Diamond VaporLock carabiner

    VaporLock sounds like something you get at 2am after trying to cure a night of heavy drinking with a triple bacon guacamole pepperjack greaseburger from Yak-in-the-Box. Nope, it's just more shiny-shiny from Black Diamond, in this case a smallish screwlock pearabiner. BD claims their urine-colored VaporLock is "the lightest, full-function pear locker on the planet" […]