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  • CAMP Corsa Nanotech ice axe

    When light is right, CAMP has proven they are the go-to guys. The bigger players in backcountry hardware have followed their lead in the past few years, releasing ultralight crampons, axes and more, but CAMP is still a great benchmark. We've been using their Corsa Nanotech axe for years now. They took their Corsa ice […]

  • CAMP USA Tour 350 Crampons

    When it comes to your feet, lighter is definitely righter. Don't bring more foot-weight than you need, and in the case of glacier travel it seems like you see a lot of full-steel crampons where something a little racier will do. Exhibit A: the CAMP Tour 350 crampon. An aluminum ten point crampon is fine […]

  • CAMP USA Alp 95 harness

    Sometimes when I'm alone at home I like to put on the SheFlogger's thong. It helps me feel special. Now I can get the same feeling on the mountain with the CAMP Alp 95, a butt-floss of a harness for low-angle alpine and adventure racing use. The Alp 95 weighs in at 3.5oz, about as much […]

  • CAMP Warehouse Sale

    If you live near Denver this is your lucky weekend. From the press release: CAMP USA Announces Spring Warehouse Sale in Broomfield, CO. The late season dumps are over, spring is in full effect and with it the climbing season. Launch into the season with new gear at great prices. CAMP Technical Adventure Equipment (makers […]

  • CAMP XLC Nanotech crampons

    CAMP is really going nuts innovating lightweight alpine gear these days. Their latest products use aluminum for everything except the pointy parts, and even there they have some hocus-pocus nanotechnology inserted to make the steel even lighter. I learned all about nanotechnology from reading Michael Crichton’s Prey, and I’m happy to report CAMP’s XLC Nanotech […]

  • CAMP Nano 23 carabiner

    It’s getting difficult to keep up. A month ago I bought a CAMP Nano Wire carabiner. Before I can even get off my lazy keister to review it what do I see while strolling through the aisles of REI – hey, I was there to buy a snowsuit for my 2-year old – but this […]

  • CAMP Joker v-thread tool

    Yes, you can make a v-thread hook yourself out of a spare coat hanger. Go for it, McGyver. Just don’t come whining to me when it straightens out on you three pitches up your worst frozen nightmare. Or you can buy a Camp Joker v-thread tool for the cost of a six-pack of good beer. […]