Category: Camelbak

  • Camelbak Podium Dirt Water Bottle

    Fact: water bottles that live in a bottle cage on your mountain bike are going to get dirty. After one too many swigs on our basic model bottle that ended with us spitting dirt out, we decided it was time for a bottle with a cap on it. Looking around a bit, we saw the […]

  • CamelBak Coronado Backpack

    Our love affair with small backpacks shows no sign of abating, and the latest object of our affection is the CamelBak Coronado. Why? Let's start with the latest camo pattern, multicam black. Camo is a religious topic among some – not us, but some other fanatics out there! – and multicam black will give you […]

  • CamelBak Ultra Belt

    Things that carry things may be our favorite things of all here at GFHQ. We've long been fascinated by clever small packs, and the CamelBak Ultra belt definitely fits in that category. It's a waist/belt/fanny pack for the minimalist runner/biker/hiker/skier, and the only question is: can you fit your stuff in it? The Ultra has […]

  • Camelbak MULE Mil-Spec Hydration Pack

    CamelBak is synonymous with hydration packs, and one of their flagship models since it was introduced back before dirt was invented – that's 1996, OK Millennial? – is the M.U.L.E., which used to stand for Medium to Ultra Long Endurance. We'll claim editorial privilege and omit the periods because, hey, they're annoying as hell to […]

  • Camelbak Forge Vacuum Bottle

    Part travel mug and part vacuum bottle, the Camelbak Forge manages to do both well. The double-walled stainless steel body (hand-wash only please) maintains the desired temperature of your beverage of choice, and the leakproof plastic cap (top-rack dishwasher safe) dispenses easily and securely. The Forge stands above the crowd for its great ergonomics. The […]

  • Camelbak Chute Bottle

    Camelbak knows hydration, and their new Chute water bottle lets you chug 'til the cows come home. At which point you can milk the cows and chug some more. The leak-proof Chute has a wide mouth, like politicians, pastors and porn stars. The cap only requires a half-turn to open/close, and it has a cool […]

  • Camelbak Eddy glass water bottle

    We love vendors who are tightly focused on their markets. Camelbak does hydration, and they do it oh-so-well. The Eddy is their response to demand for a durable and convenient glass water bottle. It's a high quality bottle that hits the sweet spot and is nice-looking to boot. The Eddy is a 0.7 liter (24oz) glass bottle with […]

  • Camelbak Ultra LR and Marathoner hydration vests

    The sheer variety of hydration options these days is overwhelming, but you can rest assured that however you hydrate, Camelbak has a solution for you. Their Ultra LR (pictured) and Marathoner hydration vests solve the same problem in two different ways. Both vests have an overall low profile and very useful (why don't more packs have […]