Category: Brunton

  • Brunton Eterna 10X25 compact binoculars

    Brunton makes gear all along the full spectrum of price points, but we have a soft spot for what we think of as their "bang for the buck" gear; gear where you get a lot for your hard-earned money. Their Eterna series of optics exemplify this value, providing good quality and features for a reasonable […]

  • Brunton Eterna Monocular

    I always thought that a monocular was one of those little round pieces of glass that evil villains wear in one eye. Turns out that's not it: the correct answer is monocle. Monocle. After getting over my initial disappointment that Brunton had not sent me some good villain kit, I discovered that the Eterna 4070W 6×30 monocular is nonetheless […]

  • Brunton SolarRoll solar panel

    While you're waiting for your Wonder Twin powers to activate (keep drinking that tequila!), it doesn't hurt to have a backup power plan. The Brunton SolarRoll is a flexible solar panel that is tough, lightweight, packable and comes in 4.5, 9 and 14 watt (15.4 volts, 900mA) versions. The SolarRoll 14 puts out enough to charge a […]

  • Brunton Gannett Grill

    Brunton has a great tagline: "Why buy Brunton? No suits or ties were worn by anyone involved in the design, development or production of our products." Brunton makes a lot of reasonably-priced stuff, and a necessary decision in being a price leader is deciding where to put limits on features, quality or both. The propane-fired […]

  • Brunton Optimus Nova stove

    A tale of two stoves: This little stove went to Denali. This little stove should have stayed home. This little stove wouldn’t light at 17,000 feet. This little stove was returned. In this case there were two of these little pigs. My climbing partner and I each bought a Nova multi-fuel stove. Long story short, […]