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  • Instant Indian by Rinku Bhattacharya

    We get it, you're busy having fun in the mountains and there just aren't enough hours in the day to by an around-the-clock gourmand. So you bought an Instant Pot because hey, they save some time and they're pretty darn convenient, and now you're looking for recipes. Instant Indian by Rinku Bhattacharya is here to […]

  • Roadtrip America: Arizona and New Mexico

    Some years ago I got a job with a Santa Fe-based company, and I drove from Alaska to New Mexico, where I stopped for onboarding on my way to work in their Washington, DC office. The four corners area is truly sublime, and over the next year I had ample opportunity to return to Santa […]

  • The Ultimate Winter Survival Handbook

    Outdoor Life has a number of encylopedia-style outdoor titles. I like to think of them as my bathroom books, and I mean that with the highest esteem. None of the books go into great detail on tools and tactics, but they are all great surveys of a broad range of topics relevant to the title, […]

  • Southern Nevada Bouldering by Tom Moulin

    Here at GearFlogger we remember the good ole days of adventure sports. Our bikes had square tires, mountains were uphill both ways, and climbing guides were in black and white as god intended the world to be seen. Now we can only sit and nurse our metamucil milkshakes as we watch the parade of new climbing […]

  • Freedom of the Hills card deck

    Day five of your captivity. The snow storm still rages outside. You're stuck in a tent, about to kill your partner because he won't shut up about how Lady Gaga is getting so derivative. It's true, personality conflict is the leading cause of expedition failure. Solution: the Freedom of the Hills card deck from Mountaineers […]