Category: Big Agnes

  • Big Agnes Insulated Air Core sleeping pad

    Sawing logs and counting sheep are two of my favorite things, and they're both a lot easier at altitude with my phat ass parked on top of a beefy sleeping pad. The Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Mummy Pad can take the thunder, especially for you side sleepers out there like me who hate having […]

  • Big Agnes Cyclone chair kit

    If you're confined to camp for any length of time, which is pretty much guaranteed on a big mountain, you're either sitting down or standing around. For the sitting portion of the event we recommend you take a load off in the Big Agnes Cyclone chair. There are a lot of chair kits out there of […]

  • Big Agnes Red Rider kid’s sleeping bag

    There are a few critical items necessary to an enjoyable outing with the LittleFlogger. Key among these is a good sleep system, with the criteria for good being: synthetic fill (for spilled liquid, either from internal or external sources), roomy and warm. The Big Agnes Little Red +15F hits them all out of the park. […]

  • Big Agnes Insulated Air Core pad

    For some gear I’m willing to pack a few extra ounces for a good cause, and sleeping pads definitely fit in that category. A good night’s sleep makes a big difference in attitude and performance, and this baby will have you counting sheep in no time. You can get it insulated or not, in regular, […]