Category: Belay devices

  • Petzl Grigri 2 belay device

    Ooh, shiny! Petzl's Grigri is ubiquitous (look it up, rock apes, it's a real word) at gyms and crags everywhere and for good reason: it locks auto-reliably. Note that there was a recall on Grigri 2's with serial numbers where the first five digits are between 10326 and 11136. Go to but don't let it stop you […]

  • Petzl Freino belay carabiner

    OK, alpha-gear-geeks, your carabiner has arrived. Designed to be used with the Petzl Grigri (but just as effective with any belay device), the Freino belay carabiner is a 3 ounce autolocking unit that has a secondary gate and basket – yes, you may call it a spur to establish techno-superiority – that provides additional braking. […]

  • DMM Bugette belay device

    At just under an ounce you won't find a lighter belay device. The Bugette is perfect for glacier travel and other just-in-case applications. For heavy and/or frequent use you'll want something with a bit more metal to dissipate heat more efficiently and resist abrasion, but for emergency and occasional use the Bugette is the bomb. […]