Category: Arc’Teryx

  • Arc’Teryx Nuclei SV Parka

    Belay parkas are a great invention. Lots of fluffy insulation and climbing-specific features, but you can still grab it for cold days around town or just for hanging out by the firepit. We've had a lot of opportunities to do both here in Anchorage, Alaska, where the last week has seen mostly lows below zero, […]

  • Arc’Teryx Covert LT Pullover

    If you're going to buy a pullover, in our opinion it should pull triple-duty: on the trail, about town and even in the casual office – does anyone go to a non-casual office anymore? If that's you, so sorry! Arc'Teryx understands the trail-to-town philosophy and expresses it perfectly in the Covert LT pullover. It's a […]

  • Arc’Teryx Russet Short 12

    Are ya basic? Like, in a good way? Then you'll appreciate the Russet short 12 from Arc'Teryx. It's got just what you need and nothing more. The Russet is a 12 inch inseam short that's soft, light and flexible, with articulated construction and a flat waist that's designed to slip under a climbing harness for […]

  • Arc’Teryx Proton LT Hoody

    The hot thing these days is keeping cool, as in warmth with breathability. The current crop of jackets featuring lightweight synthetic insulation for all you backcountry workaholics – I'm looking at you, fast and light mountaineering crew – has a new showpiece from Arc'Teryx, the Proton LT Hoody. And bonus: we tested both men's and […]

  • Arc’Teryx Cerium SL Hooded Jacket

    The gear it is crazy these days. Crazy light. Crazy warm. Crazy beautiful. Arc'Teryx specializes in covetous clothing, and the Cerium SL Hoody is all of the above: a jacket that you forget you're wearing in the best possible sense. This is a first look review after just a few weeks with the product; we'll […]

  • Arc’Teryx Konseal FL Shoe

    Arc'Teryx entered the footwear market a few years back, and they are clearly committed to producing shoes that match the quality and performance of their gear and apparel step for step. The Konseal FL melds excellent hikability with approach shoe features for all-day comfort and performance. A quick search of the intertubez reveals the word […]

  • Arc’Teryx Knee Caps

    On the list of things you really want to protect, it goes like this: head, genitals, knees. Generally speaking, of course. Some people might switch the first two. College students, for example. Whether you're earning your turns on telemark boards, climbing manky rock and ice, or trying to get that perfect photo, if you need […]

  • Arc’Teryx Alpha LT jacket

    Arc'Teryx earns a twofer: along with the Alpha SV bib comes the Alpha LT jacket, a stellar example of what good mountaineering kit should be. The LT barely nudges 13 ounces on the scale; yes, you read that right, a serious-duty waterproof, windproof shell at well under a pound. With the jacket and bib, all […]

  • Arc’Teryx Alpha SV bib

    There are two kinds of people in the world: those who divide people into two kinds and those who don't. Also, those who wear pants and those who wear bibs. Who wears bibs? Drooling infants, for one. Mountaineers, for… oops, redundant. 'Scuse. The Arc'Teryx Alpha SV bib is simply the best bib ever. The weatherproof Gore-Tex […]

  • Arc’Teryx Dually belay parka

    Aside from being named after a gas-guzzling redneck pickup truck, the Arc'Teryx Dually belay parka is one of the best designed mountaineering tops available. The lightweight pound and a half Dually uses their ThermaTek insulation inside a high-gloss, slightly crinkley DWR shell. ThermaTek is a synthetic insulation that bills itself as being 100% hydrophobic due […]