Camelbak Forge Vacuum Bottle

Gearflogger reviews the Camelbak Forge vacuum bottle

Part travel mug and part vacuum bottle, the Camelbak Forge manages to do both well. The double-walled stainless steel body (hand-wash only please) maintains the desired temperature of your beverage of choice, and the leakproof plastic cap (top-rack dishwasher safe) dispenses easily and securely.

The Forge stands above the crowd for its great ergonomics. The trigger on the side of the cap is intuitive and smooth using either hand, and you can press down on a tab on top to lock it open if you're brave enough. It opens just enough to get a solid stream of liquid, but even if you locked it open and dropped it, as long as you grabbed it quickly you wouldn't lose much beer – I mean, water.

The carabiner clip is big enough for even a beefy locker, and it also functions to prevent the Forge from rolling away if it tips over. Someone obviously thought the whole design through, the final proof being that it is easily cleaned: just fully depress the trigger and the plastic stopper thingy flips up so you can de-gunk it quickly and painlessly.

The Forge can go from car to crag to camp without missing a beat, and sets the standard for hybrid travel mugs/vacuum bottles. Want more? You greedy bastard, fine, it also comes in a 12oz version, but why would you? Go big or go home, we say.

$29.95 at REI




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