CamelBak All Clear water purifier bottle

GearFlogger reviews the CamelBak All Clear water purifier bottleHey, you know what's fun? Puking your guts out after drinking tainted water! What's even better is going double-barreled, top and bottom, two exits no waiting, are we right?

CamelBak wants to help you get the taint out with the All Clear, a water purifier bottle (BPA-free, of course) that uses ultraviolet light to kill the ass in your water. The beautiful thing about UV is it kills both bacteria and viruses.

The bulb will last longer than your stomach will, and it treats .75 liter in just 60 seconds. For the true neanderthals – are you listening ice climbers? – there's even an LCD screen on the cap that tells you when it's done.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery is good for about 60 zaps, and it recharges with the included USB cable from any source. A pre-filter is available to get the big pieces of ass out of your water prior to zappage. It's great to not have to mess with batteries, as the charge will get you through quite a bit of water purification. The whole system weighs about a pound, but eliminates the need for a separate bottle and batteries. Just be careful not to get the nasty water on the neck of the bottle where it might get into your gullet without being UV treated. A great all-in-one system that's just about dummy-proof.

$99.00 at REI


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