Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour GPS

GearFlogger reviews the Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour GPS

Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead has been quoted as saying, "Grateful Dead fans are like people who like licorice. Not everyone likes licorice, but the people who like licorice REALLY like licorice." The Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour is the licorice of GPS devices.

The D-Tour does not do much, but what it does it does well and some people will really appreciate that. What it does is store five waypoints and give you an arrow – as in just an arrow, no map, no track, no zoom - showing you the way back to your first waypoint. It also displays time, distance, current speed, average speed and storage available, and it works as a digital compass with lat/long functionality. It captures more information than it will display, including altitude and temperature. You have to upload this info to a computer to display it, and then you can see a complete track displayed on Google Maps.

If you are covering a lot of distance with clear intersections and five or fewer waypoints, and you don't mind the price, and you don't have a full-featured GPS or GPS-enabled smart phone, and you value simplicity, then you will like licorice the Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour. All others likely will not, at least until they increase the number of waypoints and allow you to see your track on-screen. The D-Tour is not designed or intended for rough terrain with frequent route choices and meandering paths, e.g. most serious backcountry travel.

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