Bullfrog Sunscreen & Mosquito Repellent

Gearflogger reviews Bullfrog sunscreen and mosquito repellentBullfrog knows sunscreen, and being in Alaska we know mosquitos, so we were happy to have a chance to test Bullfrog Mosquito Coast Sunscreen and Insect Repellent, as well as their Land Sport Quik Gel. Both products are SPF 50, and the Mosquito Coast is also available in a pump in addition to the aerosol we tested.

First, the Mosquito Coast. We were out in the sticks bushwhacking our way to a canoe on the shore of a lake – in other words, perfect mosquito country – and the Alaskan bloodsuckers were coming in heavy. I hosed down with the MC, wondering if I was about to regret my choice to go DEET-free, but to my relief it provided good protection. When we reached the canoe, my thinking-impaired "friend" proceeded to dump me in the water as we attempted to launch. This gave me an unexpected opportunity to test the water resistance. After a couple hours on the lake we hauled out and the original application was still mostly effective, but I did notice a few more getting through so I re-applied and all was good.

The Mosquito Coast goes on a bit filmy with a lightly pleasant smell, but not enough to be a bother, you just end up with a bit of a moist sheen that actually feels like a moisturizer, which makes sense since there's aloe in it. The active ingredient is a long chemical name, also known as IR3535, but it's been used in Europe for a couple decades and is deemed safe. There are some cautions about using it combined with sunscreen as sunscreen needs to be re-applied every couple hours and that might be a bit heavy on the dosage for this chemical. It is effective however, and we have no problems recommending it for short-term usage.

The Land Sport Quik Gel was also effective. It goes on kind of like a hand sanitizer and is a bit on the tacky side, but it applies more quickly than lotions and was effective to its advertised 80 minute limit. It's also oil, paraben and PABA free like the Mosquito Coast. Bullfrog makes this in a stick and lip balm as well, which are TSA-friendly for you frequent fliers out there. At the end of a few weeks of testing we're happy with both products and have no hesitation to recommend, especially if you're heading into mosquito country.

$50.81 for a 3-pack of Mosquito Coast at Amazon
$12.49 for Land Sport Quik Gel at Walgreens


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