Brazos Walking Sticks

Gearflogger reviews Brazos walking sticksIt's easy to get so caught up in the latest technology that you forget there are simpler solutions already out there that are sometimes just as effective in solving a given problem. Trekking poles, for example, have become lighter, stronger and more portable than ever, and are available in a variety of configurations and materials. And yet the problem – a third leg for walking stability – was probably one of the first problems humanity ever solved with a tool.

Brazos has a modern take on trekking poles with their beautiful, functional and affordable walking sticks. They come in a huge selection of styles and woods with options like ice tips, logo inlays and other fun and functional details. Most of all they just work, and they do the job with a ton of character: when was the last time another hiker commented on your trekking pole?

Their basic Free-Form Twisted Hickory walking stick, pictured, is both attractive and attractively priced. It's made from a single piece of hickory, a durable and strong wood perfect for this application. The finish is beautiful, with a twist in the middle part of the shaft, and a wrist loop for support. Available from 41 to 58 inches in length, this staff will serve for both support and if needed impromptu self-defense, and is tough enough you'll be able to pass it on to the next generation.

$55.99 at Brazos




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