Bootyo XC Ski Wraps

Gearflogger reviews Bootyo XC ski wraps

In our eternal quest to find the perfect ski wraps we bring you Bootyo XC ski wraps. About as simple as it gets, a 13-inch strap is about half webbing and half foam with some velcro. Wrap one around the tips and one around the tail and you're good to go.

The foam can be wrapped around one ski first, then the skis can be placed base-to-base to protect the wax. The wraps provide a little cushioning on the edges, and disappear into a pocket when you take them off.

The webbing seems a bit thinnish, but we've had not problems to date. For the price they're hard to beat, although if you're using Ski Bones there's not reason to switch. The bones are a little bulkier in the pocket, but they probably protect the skis a little better.

What neither straps nor bones do is hold poles. It's no big deal if you're just carrying your own stuff, but when you're wrangling a family it's nice to have a complete set of skis and poles in one carrier. Our ultimate XC ski wrap doesn't exist, but if it did it would probably be a hybrid between these straps and the Bowtie carrier. That would give you base separation, pole carry and a shoulder strap. Anyone listening?

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