Body Glove Illuminary Snorkeling Set

SnorkelsetFor all you BeachFloggers in winter-escape mode, don't forget the snorkel. If you're not a full-on diver you don't need to spend beaucoup bucks on a surface support system. Check out the Illuminary snorkeling set from Body Glove, purveyors of all things cool for the surf set.

All the basics are here. The fins are barefoot compatible, no booties required. They stay on well, are comfortable and provided just the right amount of stiffness for casual trolling. The 2-window mask has a surprisingly soft and effective silicone seal. There's no purge valve, but for snorkeling you can get by without it.

The snorkel purges easily, has a whistle built-in and a keeper that attaches to the mask strap. All in all it's an affordable and effective system that will allow you to see what's going on down under.

$59.99 at The Sports Authority



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