Black Diamond Spot headlamp

SpotWhen the new generation of high-output 1-watt LEDs hit the market about a year ago I knew it was just a matter of time before I had to upgrade my headlamp. The technology is fairly basic and there are great choices from all major vendors.

I wanted something simple and compact for moderate outdoor use and travel. I chose the 2.8oz Black Diamond Spot for its single strap design with one ratcheting, water-resistant enclosure for both batteries (3 AAA) and bulbs. The button is large for easy operation with gloves on and provides multiple lighting levels.

The Spot’s single HyperBright LED throws a mean beam for quite a distance, and the three standard LEDs give a usable and long-lasting glow for close in work. The beam is not adjustable, but that’s a small compromise in a very slick lamp you’ll appreciate for its elegant simplicity.

$42.95 at REI




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