Black Diamond Android leash

AndroidEver since I saw Blade Runner I’ve had a thing for androids, so I thought the Black Diamond Android leash was a control device for a personal pleasure ‘droid. Imagine my disappointment.

To recap, there are two kinds of leashes for ice tools: clip and slipknot. Clip leashes are heavier, more complex, more expensive and worth every penny on vertical ice. I repeat, if you are climbing vertical ice using a leashed tool, get a clip leash. I use the Android on my Cobras and thank god every time.

The Android really is seamless; the adjustable wrist support is super-comfy, and getting in and out is a simple and fast affair. The clip flips around a bit while driving ice screws, but I’ve not found it a bother. Be aware there are two versions of the Android, one specific to the Black Diamond Viper tool, which has an install point halfway up the shaft (that prevents getting a grip on the head of the tool, by the way…) and one that works on everything else.

$39.95 at REI


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