Black Diamond VaporLock carabiner

VaporlockVaporLock sounds like something you get at 2am after trying to cure a night of heavy drinking with a triple bacon guacamole pepperjack greaseburger from Yak-in-the-Box. Nope, it's just more shiny-shiny from Black Diamond, in this case a smallish screwlock pearabiner.

BD claims their urine-colored VaporLock is "the lightest, full-function pear locker on the planet" at 51 grams. Evidently they haven't seen DMM's Sentinel at 48 grams, but whatever. BD also claims the VaporLock increases friction "up to 30%" when used with an ATC. How is that possible without the ribbing that increases pleasure? Maybe their marketing folks are commissioned by the feature, I don't know.

What I do know is that it is a keylock design, and while they recommend sticking to 9.4mm ropes or smaller for Munter hitching I tried it on a 10mm and it seemed to work just fine. There are a lot of applications where you don't need a monster crew-served 'biner, especially if you're not doing rescue work, and despite the hype the Vaporlock is ultralight and nicely sized for general climbing use.

$13.95 at REI


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