Black Diamond to merge with Gregory, go public

XxWe hate to pollute our opinions with actual news because that sounds a lot like real reporting. And once you start down that slippery slope you better have crampons and an ice axe. But here you go, straight from the wire:

"05.10.2010 – Black Diamond Equipment Ltd., a global leader in the climbing and freeride ski markets, today enters a transaction with Clarus Corporation to take the company public and simultaneously merge the operations of Gregory Mountain Products into a new operational platform."

Frankly we were surprised that the dismal state of the economy didn't result in more mergers and acquisition activity in the outdoor products sector the past couple years, but hey, we're not paid to be rocket surgeons either. In fact we're not paid, period. Dammit!


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2 responses to “Black Diamond to merge with Gregory, go public”

  1. I think the public merging of Black Diamond and Gregory will rock the very foundations of the ski markets as merging usually indicates that the economy is not sparing other sector of the market. Although the merging would create new junior skis packages or other offerings, we cannot help but think that because another one succumbed, bigger companies can have bigger access to monopolize the prices of the ski gears and equipments as they can dictate the prices of the latter. I think that posting news here is also relevant or important, as it would inform other skiers that do not have access to the corporate world to update them and not be shock that their favorite brand just disappear.

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