Black Diamond Express ice screw

GearFlogger reviews the Black Diamond Express ice screw What do you call it when your favorite ice screw is updated, making you feel compelled to go out and replace your entire rack at $56.95 a pop? Doubly screwed comes to mind, in this case by the Black Diamond Express, the screw formerly known as the Turbo Express. Turbo is now exclusively the name of the non-speed handle version.

So what's different? Hanger, handle and teeth. The hanger is stainless steel without the formerly black finish, so it shouldn't melt out as fast in the sun. It also has two clip in points; be aware the smaller one just barely accepts small lockers like the Vaporlock and Mini Pearabiner. The handle is wider on the outside for a more secure grip. The teeth are more aggressive and supposedly bite faster with less fracturing of the ice.

Finally the screw itself is lighter, presumably from the reduced hanger weight. A 16cm weighs in at 5.2oz compared to the old model at 5.5oz. Not too significant: 17 of the old screws weigh as much as 18 of the new ones, to put it in perspective. BD's web site also notes that "all sizes of screws are now CE-certified," although their own comparison table still lists the shorty 10cm without the CE logo.

$57.95 to $58.95 at REI


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