Black Diamond Ascension Custom STS climbing skins

AscensionIt's not long til ski season, and for some of you it's time to get some new skin in the game since your old ratty ones look like that holey old t-shirt the SheFlogger never lets you wear in public. Black Diamond's Ascension Custom STS skins are often the first choice for skiiers who live in the backcountry; these are the only ones with both their STS tail and a sewn-in tip loop.

The Custom is sold in increments of 7cm, and all you have to do is cut the sides with the included tool. If you're a first-timer, just follow the instructions and in 30 minutes you'll have a complete setup. The STS tail will give you about 10cm of adjustment, so you might be able to use one set of skins for multiple skis: I can fit both my Atomic Chugach 170s and my K2 Shuksan 174s with the 167-174cm skin.

All BD skins climb great, and the Custom is no exception. Getting it on is quick, and getting it off is easy since there's a glueless strip down the middle lengthwise. The Customs are as bomber as they come, so unlike that t-shirt it'll be a long time before you get the evil eye from the SheFlogger.

$121.95 to $154.45 at Backcountry


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