Black Crater Cord Lock Light

CordlightThe small but useful category is getting a workout these days. Black Crater, a name synonomous with Sarah Palin's political future, brings us the Cord Lock Light. You'll never guess what it is or what it does.

It's a light… that locks… on a cord! It's quite cool, a high-visibility yellow cord lock of standard size that contains an LED light and three-position switch. The three lighting options are low, high and flash, although there's not a significant illumination difference between low and high except in battery life: 20 hours versus 12, with 50 hours for the strobe function.

Light output is equivalent to other small LED keychain-style lights, as is cost, but you're getting a perfectly serviceable cord lock in the deal. The Cord Lock Light weighs all of a quarter-ounce and the possibilities are endless: sleeping bags, backpacks, keychains, jackets, nipple ring, you name it. It's water-resistant, but I didn't have the heart to give it a submersive test because, well, it's really quite useful and I don't want to destroy it.

UPDATE: Black Crater said I could submerge it so I did. Turns out it still works. OK, I'm impressed.

$10.00 at REI



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