Benchmade ERT-1 rescue tool

Ert1Benchmade is one of my favorite knife manufacturers. They make their products to withstand just about any kind of abuse, which is why they are so popular among military and law enforcement. They also make some nice gear for outdoors and rescue use.

Most outdoor adventures start in a vehicle, and the ERT-1 emergency rescue tool will provide you with some peace of mind when your vehicular approach involves only three points of contact. In the event of head-ass inversion the ERT-1 can help in three ways: first, punch the submersible LED light to get some visibility; second, flip out the liner-locking rescue hook to safely sever your seat belt; third, use the spring-loaded glass breaker to GTFO.

Obviously this is all applicable not only to your own situation but to any accident you might stumble upon. So be a hero and duct-tape the ERT-1 in its included holster to your Jesus-bar, so it’s at hand when you need it regardless of your head-ass posture.

$40.00 at Benchmade


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  1. As a cop I am a trained professional in the use of all types of rescue equipment and techniques, with over 2ooo hours of training I know if a tool is useful. I wanted a second opinion so, I handed this ERT to my buddy Jason. What does this veteran police officer do? What ever cop does when he gets a new toy, he cut himself and then used the window punch to add a new hole in his thumb. After taking the ERT away from the dip I put it to use. Yep, it cuts seatbelts and makes a bunch of little glass pieces out a single big piece. I put this useful tool in my truck.

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