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GearFlogger reviews Beko face protectionWe've all been there: biting wind blasting your face, wishing you had brought a balaclava. Still, a clava may be more warmth than you want on a sunny/windy day, and it doesn't always fit under a helmet. They can be a bit bulky to stash in a pocket for just-in-case use. For this problem, Beko face protection is the answer. These guys have obviously spent way too much time drinking and thinking, because these products are fully dialed in.

Beko started back in the day with a simple nose guard, which they updated last year to a much thinner material with some smart attachment features. Available in five sizes, there are slots for eyeglass nose pads to go through, a generous neoprene loop for blade-style sunglasses, and a velcro sticky pad for attaching to goggles. All methods work great and minimize flip-up in wind.

But let's say you want to get really serious. Step up to the Cheeko, Peeko or Fantom. You may or may not be a fan of the android-style pattern on these pieces, but you will love the way they perform. The Cheeko covers your ears, nose and upper cheeks. The Peeko extends coverage down to your upper lip and throat while leaving your lower jaw free. the Fantom says screw it, let's go full-robot and covers it all with a thin slit for your mouth. This is what we wear when we're making out with our Japanese love doll.

All three of these models rest on your nose and have slots that fit around your ears. We wondered about this, but we're here to tell you it works great. You slap it on, forget it's there and you don't worry about fogging your lenses at all as your breath is directed down and out. To recap: complete sun and wind protection, customizable attachments, comfortable fit, thin profile for wearing under face and head gear, and compact enought to slip in a pocket for just-in-case use. Check!

$7.95 to $24.95 at Bekogear



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