REI Ti Ware spork

Spork_1 Behold, I give you a dork spork! REI advertises its Ti Ware Spork as being half the weight of stainless steel. Sounds great until you wake up from your titanium-induced gear coma to realize it weighs in at all of .62oz. So you’re sporking over $8 to save a little more than half an ounce over stainless.

For comparison the trusty old REI Lexan soup spoons run $1.25 for a pair. Cost savings = burger + beer. Plus, the Lexan model weighs a quarter of an ounce, doesn’t bend or stick to your lips when cold and is more comfortable to hold. Metal does have the advantage of being more fire-resistant, but the only real reason to go Ti is a pathological need to secure alpha-gearflogger status.

Recommendation: Get the Lexan and save the Ti for pots and pans.

$8.95 at REI


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