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BackbettyOhhh-kay. I know what you’re thinking: WTF? Backcountry Betty, Roughing it in Style is from Mountaineers Books? Yes, unfortunately, from their new Skipstone imprint. Let me get the point of this review out of the way up front: active and aspiring SheFloggers should avoid this title like it was a 50-year old man in a Corvette.

Starting out with page 11: what’s In Betty’s Backpack? Why, a battery-operated vibrator, of course! And the author actually uses the word "camel-toe." My gentle readers know SheFlogger likes a good crotch joke as much as the next guy, but this book is full of them and they’re just not that funny. One chapter is actually titled "Eating Out(side)." Gah! Double-entendres in every paragraph is not enough, and there’s an entire chapter devoted to turning the great outdoors into a sorority house. My favorite is the "In Lieu of the Big Bang" list with such gems as, "scratch his forearms or buttocks lightly," and "massage his head."

There is very little useful information amid a whole lotta BS. The writing style may have worked for The Worst-Case Survival Handbook: Dating and Sex by the same author but it doesn’t work here. This book should have been (and probably was) an article in one of those checkout-aisle magazines, not a book from my favorite outdoors press. You’ve been warned.

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