Atwater Carey Pro Series medical kit

AtwaterproAtwater Carey is a leading supplier of outdoors health and safety products. They make a wide range of medical gear including kits to fit every need from fast and light to slow and ponderous. The Pro Series comes in versions 1, 2 and 3 for up to eight people and/or three weeks.

Each includes a Backcountry First Aid book that will walk you through the routines, but the supplies go beyond the basics to include items such as 5.5" EMT shears, nitrile gloves and a CPR life mask. There is a particularly wide assortment of bandaging options including gauze, dressings and tape. Stepping up to the higher numbered series gets you even more options, including SAM splints and burn treatments.

The kits are well-packaged in a zippered nylon pouch that opens to see-through paneled compartments. They range in weight from 1-2.5lb and there is ample room in the bag to stuff it with your own extras. An especially nice touch: Atwater Carey stands by their products with an Ask the Expert function on their website.

$59.99 to $119.99 on eBay



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