Architec Carson Merino Hoodie

Gearflogger reviews the Architec Carson Merino HoodieMerino wool is one of the superheroes of natural fabrics. Combine it with a bit of artificial fabric like Spandex for some stretch and you have the potential for something wonderful.

Architec has done just that with their Carson hoodie. It uses a 95 percent wool and 5 percent Spandex mix to get the best of both worlds. Architec claims the Carson is designed to be worn for weeks on end like its namesake, the famous frontiersman from Missouri.

Because I am particularly lazy about my everyday wardrobe, I took that challenge to heart and wore the Carson for two weeks everyday. True to its billing, the hoodie smelled much better than I did on any given day and showed no undue wear at the end of it. Given the reputation of some Merino garments for fragility, we were very impressed by the durability for everyday wear, and when we finally got around to washing it, by how easily it maintained its form and function without having to do anything special to it.

The Carson breathes very well, handles varying temperature and humidity without any drama, and requires minimal care. What more could you ask for? How about more than your average dash of style. The Carson has an athletic and very slim cut. If you're anywhere in the upper half of your size range, go up a size. The neck of the hood has a slight asymmetry to it by design, cutting a very stylish figure, and making the Carson equally at home whether you're at work or at play. For utility there is a small, unobtrusive zipped pocket on the right hip, big enough for a wallet or plus-size phone.

Architec maintains a commitment to sustainability, a growing and necessary trend when sourcing Merino wool. With its equal and demonstrated commitment to quality, its hard to go wrong with the Carson hoodie, which will serve as a boon companion everywhere from the frontier to the front range.

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